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Saturday May 11th 

11:00am Ukes of Ale

12:00pm SHOUT Choir

1:00pm Honor Isabell,

1:45pm McCarthy-Felton Irish Dancers

2:00pm Scratchy Beard

2:45pm Stratford College


3:45pm PlayTaiko

4:10pm Joe Dolman

5:10pm Jazz Apples
6:30pm SKA lectrics
8:00pm Festival Ends 


Sunday May 12th 

11:00am Sophie French

11:45am Stamp!

12:00pm Stratford Vocals 

1245 Shakespeare Morris 

1:00pm All Star Band 

1:45pm Rozie T Dance Academy 

2:00pm James Schofield

2:45pm Pixie Fit

3:00pm  Music with Eve

4:00pm Folly Brothers 
5:00pm Festival Ends 

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